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Master-Given Name: Rupert

  • Birth Name: Icarius Vallana

Age: 22

Race: Elf

Class: Rogue

Status: Escaped slave and fugitive for crimes committed against a Tevinter magister; also a Grey Warden.

  • Update: Bedridden with several injuries after an encounter with the Magister that was out for his blood.

Relationship?: Friends with benefits? *boyfriend status not yet confirmed*

Backstory: Born into slavery. His mother died when he was young at the hands of a former Master in Orlais. He was passed from Master to Master with his father and younger brother, Elza and Darian. Harboring anger and resentment towards his slavers since the death of his mother, he was approached by a demon of Rage and tempted for several months until he finally gave in and allowed the demon quarter in his body at the age of sixteen. About half a year ago, while enslaved to a magister named Hectore and his family in the Tevinter Imperium (where he received the worst treatment as a slave), Rupert was summoned to his Master’s quarters with his little brother for reasons unbeknownst to them. When Hectore began to beat Darian for talking out of turn, Rupert snapped and lost physical control of his body to the demon. He slaughtered everyone in the estate, no matter who they were. He even wrought death upon Darian and Elza. When he regained conciousness, he was bathed in the blood of slaves and nobles alike. Horrified at his actions, Rupert took a cloak and his mother’s dagger and fled the Imperium. The only survivor of the slaughter, Hectore’s son Ethan, was on leave from the estate when the killings occurred. Upon returning and seeing all the carnage, he vowed vengeance at any cost against Rupert. He searches for the elf to this very day..

Appearance: Dark complexion, fiery red hair, light green eyes, thick eyebrows, little bump on his nose, freckles covering his entire body, burn scar cutting up from the bottom of his right cheek to his left eyebrow, rather large ears. Tattoos are a dark maroon in color. Around five foot three and a half in height, rather fit body from doing a lot of strenuous labor for former Masters. Skin and eyes glow red when he lets Rage take control of him, shade of red depends upon how much control he lets the demon have over him. In regards to body scars (besides his facial one), Rupert has several. Most are located on his chest and back (and he’s quite self conscious about them for the most part), but there are a few on the backs of his legs. Burn mark in the shape of a hand on his left breast, permanent bruising on his wrists.

Personality: A joker. He loves to play games much like a child would. Rupert is an insanely charming fellow, eager to make friends when he feels safe. A huge fucking sap, according to his lover (whose name is Caiden). A generally happy guy, but rather depressed about his past and the grim truth that he is an awful monster. Hides his overwhelming amount of anger and resentment for slavers and the Imperium quite well. Not quick to trust others, almost always on the defensive when alone. 

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