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I keep imagining a very tired Shepard giving Grunt crayons to keep him entertained. At least until his big boy mission.


finally finished their support conversations

i have no homework the weekend after the first week of school for the first time in years

holy shit


This is it. This is the marching band version of the Pentatonix Daft Punk medley we’re playing. So pumped.


100% real Daft Punk documentary 2k14



  • Cullen: Making my way downtown
  • Cullen: Walking fast
  • Warden Mage: I've seen the way you look at me~
  • Cullen: Walking faster


the party party


{ pt 1 }

part 2 of the beach episode

now including wardens

i forgot to include the scars in the last one but tbh idc i’m so tired

edit: oh god i forgot oghren……

let’s just say he was too drunk for the final photo


Indira Varma (the voice of Vivienne) in a skit with jessicamerizan!

This may, in fact, be the best thing ever. Indira, aside from being an absolutely perfect Vivienne, is so completely game. :)