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crude comic by me thanks

i got the idea while watching spongebob tbh the relationship between josephine and cullen is gonna be the most precious thing to me i can already feel it her interview made me feel like she has no time for his dumb shit

shes gonna be here 2 use tact and big words to win people over and hes just there to punch something then go home


this is everything I want their relationship to be




Am I the only one that felt like this scene was monumental? A transgender woman teaching other women sex ed?

I thought this would be offensive because these women are still having a man tell them about their own bodies, isn’t that what they women fought for? If i’m wrong please let me know.

A transgender woman is a WOMAN. Not A MAN.


i have mixed feelings about this


Endless list of favorite characters: Samara

Find peace in the embrace of the Goddess..


so inquisition’s release date has been pushed back november 18th which

  1. yay a better game;
  2. boo that’s more than an extra month of waiting what the HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THAT EXTRA MONTH, and;
  3. even more boo that all the “wake me up when september ends” jokes no longer apply, which in my opinion is the biggest tragedy of all


The full last Python show


Respect your elders, Howe

dragon age fandom right now


"release date pushed back to november 18th"


Martin Freeman talks about his love for Monty Python — Monty Python Live (mostly) Backstage — July 20, 2014